Who peed in the shoe box?

Last Sunday Clayton came up the stairs with no pants on and he was saying, "I just got a little pee on my pants." So I asked him why was there pee on his pants. And he says, "Well, I had to pee in a little box." What little box? I asked him. I go down stairs with him and he pulls out a wet shoe box out of a cabinet. At least he put his pee away. I told him not to pee in boxes anymore and to please walk up the stairs to the bathroom. I love my boys, but boys are gross!


Laurie said…
Oh gross!! I can't wait til mine are older and doing gross stuff like that! Cute!
Ariane said…
Verry funny, what are boys thinking?
Fishbacks said…
Thant is so funny! Jameson pooped in a ice chest that was on the porch when he was 4. He was having to much fun outside and didn't want to come all the way in the house to go to the bathroom! It must be a boy thing:)
Mrs. Wright said…
I would be thankful for my kids putting anything away, but I can see why you're less than thrilled, lol.

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