I have never cut my kids hair... until now!

I have never given my boys a hair cut. I leave that up to Jeremy and if Jeremy is not around Grandma Christensen has always be there to help. Well, I got tired of asking Jeremy over and over to please cut the kids hair. So, today I just decided to get out the buzzers and do it myself. I figured if it was really bad I would just buzz their heads. I think I did okay. I am proud of my first hair cuts. They still have hair.


Ariane said…
I get tired of asking Ryan to do things a thousand times too. Sometimes if I just do it, I'll either prove to him there are consequences to his not getting things done on time (because I've botched it), or I learn i am actually capable of doing it myself. (but he still gets "the Look) You did a great job!
Heidi said…
You did great, you are right with little boys if you pick a setting that is to small or mess it up a little their hair grows back pretty fast so all is good.
Anonymous said…
Renae its so good to check your blog and see your kids I miss them so much!! I am ready to have you back!! So you will be so proud of me I did it!!! Well with Ariane`s help, I have a blog you`ve got to check it out. Good job on the hair cuts I always mess them up!! Vanessa
Paul and Shelly said…
LOL. I ALWAYS have to take the boys somewhere to get them done. BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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