Clayton wanted to write a story. He told the story while I wrote it.

Clayton's Story at 4 years Old:

Derek was on the boat Mary Lou. He was thinking about shopping with a sheet. He went shopping to buy toys for his friends. Lou was at the forest and she was thinking about Derek. She loved Derek so much.

If you know imagination, and if you love Derek so much, you think about and you think and think and think about it all the time.

And if you want a glass of milk, you will need a glass for milk. Derek really wanted to go shopping to buy toys for his friends. If you know your imagination you really need to think and think and think all the time. And ask about the Holy Ghost. If you know the Holy Ghost you gotta go ask him to play with you and share. If you make a movie it would be really fun. If you really need to make and make and make all the time you gotta scribble with a pencil. You have to spit yucky germs out. You love to sing the ABCs if you like.

Derek sang the ABCs to Lou out of love.

The End


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