So the construction season begins!! Jeremy is already in Kodiak. He is there for about a week. He will be home for about a week, then off to Kodiak again. He is spending the whole season there this year (April to November). I am excited to say that the family will be spending the summer there with him. We are heading down as soon as Carson is done with school. Carson and Clayton are so excited. They are counting down the days until we get on the big boat.

Clayton has already announced that his birthday will be at Chuck E Cheese. (His birthday is not until October) When ever Clayton feels the need to announce this, Carson always comes back with , "Well my birthday is at Kodiak." I hope he is not disappointed when his birthday rolls around in July. I do know he is super excited for Grandma and Papa Christensen to come for his Kodiak birthday.

Anyway, just an update.


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