Count your many blessings, count them one by one.

I am just sitting here thinking about my life and how lucky I am. When I was younger and kept a journal, every once in a while I would list everything I was grateful for. So here it goes. (not in any order)

1. The Gospel

2. My husband, Jeremy

3. My kids, Carson, Clayton, and baby Jackson

4. The rest of my family (mom and dad, brothers and sisters, in laws etc..) I have a lot of family! :)

5. My house

6. Car

7. Cozy Bed (and it is very cozy!)

8. clean water

9. the bath tub

10. food

11. the gym

12. diet Pepsi

13. books

14. T.V

15. Alaska

16. a comfy place to sit

17. my body

18. my health

19. that women products are available

20. chocolate candy

21. the sky

22. the sunshine

23. Internet

24. electricity

25. the sound of the fan at night (it helps me sleep)

26. music

27. my dog Bella

28. Jeremy's job

29. Carson's school

30. Clayton's school

31. Friends

32. make-up

33. grass

34. eye sight and all the beautiful things I can look at. (that is another list)

35. oven and that I know how to use it

36. home made bread (I know I already said food, but this needed to be listed separate)

37. clothes

38. shoes

39. sunglasses

40. Advil

There is forty. There is much much more that I am grateful for, but I will stop listing for now. I challenge everyone to take a moment and make a list of things you are grateful for. When I list them it makes me feel good and smile when I realize how blessed I am. I have a good life!


Mardi said…
You are so good! Its always nice to see someone be grateful for what they have.

BTW- I read your shoe box story...TOO funny!! I have a really good friend who has 3 boys and she always has funny stories like that too! The good news is that I HEAR that with boys you pay up front and with girls you pay later...So I can laugh now...but I am SO in for it I am sure!!

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