My Mothers Day

Mothers Day... Well, I love being a mother. My kiddos are super cute and Carson calls it "Happy Mudders Day". Both Carson and Clayton tell me that it is not Mothers Day, It is Happy Mothers Day. All though my mothers day was not the best day. My boys make me smile and I feel so thankful for them. Both Carson and Clayton planted me a "garden" for mothers day. They each planned a sunflower at school and call the one flower a garden. Carson made me a super cute card in class. We waited until the morning of mothers day to open it and read it together. The look on his face was the best present ever! He was so excited to read it to me. He was so dang cute!

The reason my day was not the best... When Carson went out to the car to get the card he made me he accidentally locked the car doors with the keys inside the car. My uncle Craig came out and tried to pop the lock. That didn't work. I ended up calling a lock smith and $85 later I was able to get in the car. So we missed church. We were all ready for church when I realized the car was locked. I was a little sad about not going, but I got over it. My Sister in law, Jenn, stopped by on the way home from church to drop off the book they gave all the mothers at church. She also had the kids sign a card for me. So that made the keys locked in the car a little better. Thank you Jenn!

The day ended with a BBQ at Summers house. It started at 6pm, witch is kind of late for my family. Baby Jackson normally goes to bed at 6 and the big boys go to bed at 7. But not last night. The BBQ was fun, but as the night went on the more tired I felt and the more I wished my kids were in bed. When we finally got home, I chucked the kids in bed and I fell fast asleep on the couch. An hour later I kind of woke up enough to get in bed myself.

My mothers day was fine, like any other day. I worked, worked, and worked! I hope Jeremy is home next mothers day...


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