The ride down to Kodiak

We made it to Kodiak in one piece. We left Wasilla around noon. We got to Homer at about 8pm. We had lots of stops on the way. The dogs and the kids needed to get out to stretch a lot! Jermy and I also needed to make stops of our own too. Costco, Jeremy had to stop at work to pick stuff up and I had a couple of stops for Scentsy. Anyway, the 6 hour drive turned into a 8 hour drive. When we finally got to the ferry office they had our info wrong so the kids and I waited in the car while Jeremy sorted everything out. 45 min. later we are in line to get on the ferry. The kids were so excited! They have been waiting so long to get on the big boat! So we board the ferry and get in our little tiny room. We all go for a walk around the ferry to check it out. By now it is about 10:30pm. My kids usually go to bed at 7pm. So this was super late! We finally get the kids settled down and ready for bed. No one got very much sleep that night. No matter what time Carson goes to bed he is up around 6am. That morning was no exception. We ate breakfast on the ferry and waited to get in to Kodiak. The ferry ride was about 13 hours. We got to the Kodiak house at about noon! 24 hour trip!! No wait 24 hour trip with 3 kid under the age of 5. It was exhausting, but also fun. Carson and Clayton were pretty good for the trip. Jackson was not bad either, he is just a baby who likes to scream in the car for most of the ride down to Homer. Here are some pictures of our trip.


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