My Birthday!!

For my birthday we had a great day!! Jeremy let me sleep in and made me a delicious breakfast of french toast. After breakfast we went hiking somewhere we have never been before. We went to Near Island and hiked a trail in Northend Park. The trail went through the woods and ended at the beach. It was a beautiful day and perfect to be outside.

While we were hiking Jeremy found this cool little "woods house". The boys had fun checking it out.

On the trail lined with salmonberry bushes!

These are salmonberries! They are huge and taste similar to raspberries. And they are everywhere in Kodiak.

More trail pictures.

At the beach. It was low tide. During high tide all this is covered in water.

Jackson wants to climb the tree with his brothers.

All along the trail there were Salmonberries. The kids love to pick them and eat them. I had Jackson in a backpack on my back and every time we passed the berries he starts yelling, "I wanna a bite." If I didn't get fast enough for him he would whack me on the side of the head! My kids are too demanding!!

After hiking the boys wanted to go fishing. I hate fishing, but I wanted to have a fun day outside with the family. So we went fishing. But I need to post that one all by its self. I had a great birthday!!


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