No showing your privates

So my silly Carson says some funny things. I put him in swimming here in Kodiak. Today was the last day of the session. Next session starts next week and Clayton is joining him. This posting in not about how great he is doing in swimming, that is for another time. This posting is about the funny things he says. Last week when the session started his teacher went over the rules everyday and had the kids help list them.

Teacher : What are the rules of the pool?

one kid says: no wearing socks in the pool

another kid says: no running

Carson says : no showing your privates

The next day the teacher gives a safety tip. Her tip is to look before you jump in the pool or in the lake or the ocean.

Teacher says: You should look before you jump to make sure you don't jump on anyone or if there is a rock there...

Carson says: Or an enenamy

I thought he was funny!


Blueyedmle said…
Well, Im glad to see you are doing a good mom job. Cause not everyone is taught to "not show your privates..." and many times we wish they were!!!

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