Swimming Lessons

This was the last week of swimming lessons. They do 2 week sessions, This is Carson's second session and Clayton's first session. When Carson started he would not put his head under water. Now he is swimming! He swims like a stink bug. It is so cute! He swims all the way under the water except for his bum sticks out of the water. I was trying to get some of his swimming in the video. (I couldn't upload the video and I didn't have any pictures of him swimming. But I did get some other pictures to upload.)

Clayton also didn't like to put his head under water. He would just dip his face in the water when they did bobs. But now he goes all the way under!! He does a great job on his floats. He is so confident in the water. He will be swimming soon too!

I loved taking them to swimming. It was my time to just sit and watch the older boys. Jackson usually stay home with Jeremy. He came with me a few times. He is so silly while he is there. And just ignore the date on the picture.


Anonymous said…
I just can`t believe while looking through all your pictures how big and grown up Jackson is!! I miss your boys so much, I love the Whooper story I can totally picture that!

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