Tide-pool Beach

This is Mill Bay beach. We call it Tide-pool beach. It is about 2 minutes from the house. It is Carson's dream come true. All kinds of sea creatures get stuck in the tide-pools. The easiest creature to catch are the hermit crabs. Carson has a handful there next to him in the picture. So far none of them have pinched him. I am waiting for the day to say, "I told you they might pinch you." But we have been there several times and he has been safe from the pinches. The top pictures are from one of the first times we went there.

The pictures below are from the last time we went there a few days ago. All the boys get into playing in the tide-pools, even Jackson. Carson found a crab, not a hermit crab, a crab crab. Anyway he was pretty excited. The dogs love going to the beaches too. Even little Bella is going in the water now! (When we first got here Bella ran away from the ocean. She acted so annoyed if her paw got wet.It was kind of funny.) Scout loves going to the beach and it wares her out, so I love having her go to the beach with us!


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