White Sand Beach

The first time we came here I had to call my mom to tell her about the white sand. It looked like Hawaii. It was so strange!

This is a beach at the end of the road. It is Monashka Bay, but everyone calls it White Sand Beach. These pictures the sand looks a little gray, that is because there are patches of white sand during high tide. The big spots of white sand are out during low tide. The first time we went there the tide was low, but we didn't have our camera with us. So for now this is the best I can do to show everyone White Sand Beach in Kodiak.

Jackson loves to get covered up with sand! This beach is one of my favorites because white sand doesn't seem to be as dirty.

All the boys had a blast in the sand!!

This is Carson while the tide was coming in. The other reason I like this beach is the water stays shallow for a long time. I went out waist deep to throw the stick for scout so she can swim instead of just walking out to get it.


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