A Day of Hiking in Utah...

One day Melissa, Jenn, and I went hiking! It was so much fun. Melissa kick our butts a little bit. She ran up the mountain!! First the three of us hiked Mt. Timpanogos and did the cave tour.

On our way up!

I was feeling like Super Women!

I didn't know Melissa was in the picture!

This is about half way up!

We were at the top waiting for the cave tours.

Inside the caves!! How cool is that!!

You are not allowed to touch the cave walls, so sometimes we had to squeeze by!

It was pretty cold in the caves. About 45 degrees. I was cold!

After we hiked Mt.Timpanogos Melissa and I met up with Rex and hiked up to the Y.

At the trail head.

Melissa too!

After hiking 2 mountains... I died on the Y!

We made to the top!!


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