My Family in Utah

I stayed at my Grandparents house while I was in Utah. I really missed my Grandma and Grandpa since they moved away from Fairbanks, AK. I loved seeing them again. My Grandma put on this dress for Delores and I. She made it!! How cool is that! I was impressed. And she is so cute modeling it for us.

I just love this dress. She did all that embroidery by hand!

This is my Aunt Delores. My Aunt Delores was also staying there. It was really fun to get to know my Dad's sister and her kids.

Here is my cousins, Heidi and Lyal. And that is Heidi's little girl.

Heidi's Husband, Shane, and Aunt Delores jumped in this picture.

And here is Heidi's cute family. Thanks for letting me spend the day at your house.


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